Sentle Lehoko

Sentle’s introduction to radio was in 1996 at the age of fifteen when his mother bought him his first portable radio

Shows: The Romantic Repertoire

His plans for the radio were simply to play CDs, but he soon became attached to radio, in particular METRO FM. He jokingly adds that like any child he thought that there actually was a person within the radio.

In 2005 he felt that he was ready to tackle the role he had been working towards, that of METRO FM DJ.  Sentle was then appointed to be one of METRO FM’s weekend DJs on The Groove Lounge between 12h00 and 15h00 on Saturdays. In April 2008 he was then moved to 03:00 – 06:00 Saturday afternoon. He was then offered a slot on weekdays Monday – Thursday 03:00 – 06:00am.  He is now also the host of The Romantic Repertoire on Sundays 15h00 – 18h00.

Sentle expresses the desire to work with children in Orphanages. Since his uncle died, leaving behind a baby, he has grown fond of little children and would love to help those without the opportunities he got.

Also under his belt is also some television experience. He has had roles in SABC 2’s Justice For All in 1996, 1998’s  movie Dr. Lucille where he played a rebel soldier,  as well as presented YO – TV’s You’re Special in 1999. In his spare time Sentle enjoys playing squash, listening to music and on Saturdays you will always find him at different car dealers, being the car fanatic that he is.


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