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To commercially license the use of the METRO FM name, logo and/or other METRO FM trademarks for events, campaigns etc. email Thabiso Rantho on ranthotc@sabc.co.za 

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Find the METRO FM frequency on the Frequency Finder. if your region isn’t listed or if you’re battling to get good signal: send us an email then we will look at it

METRO FM would love to broadcast over the entire country, but as it stands, METRO FM has the maximum number of transmitters legally allowed by ICASA. As a national radio station at the SABC Radio Station transmitters are allocated in certain areas only. These transmitters have a designated wattage strength which allows a specific footprint over a given area only. By law, we are not allowed to exceed this allocation. You can call ICASA explaining your needs and hopefully they can help you: 011 566 3000/3001.

Streaming Issues:
• Elaborate what seems to be the problem when accessing the stream.
• Take a screen shot of your error.
• Locate the ‘Alt’ and the ‘Print Screen’ Keys on your keyboard.
• Press and hold the Alt key and then press the ‘Print Screen’ key.
• Open a Microsoft word document or any other graphical software.
• Paste the screen shot into this window by right-clicking on your mouse and selecting the ‘paste’ option.
• Save your document and email it to streaminghelp@sabc.co.za along with your contact details.
• A support agent will then contact you and assist you further.

2) USING YOUR BROWSER (computer)

The “Listen Live” feature streams METRO FM live via any browser on your desktop computer, laptop.


METRO FM’s Facebook page and twitter page, you can get all updates on events, pictures and what is happening in the station.

4) USING THE ANDROID APP (not yet available)

We’re auditing all of METROFM’s digital platforms (website, mobisite, apps etc) and the Android app is one of these. We’ll have one soon!

5) DSTV (available)

METRO FM is available on DSTV channel No 801



  1. The bar at the top above the Live Show section of Website should assist you
  2. ASK METROFMSA ON FACEBOOK here: https://www.facebook.com/metrofmsa/
  3. ASK METROFMSA ON TWITTER here: https://twitter.com/METROFMSA
    We’re auditing all  digital platforms (website, mobisite, apps etc) and the ability to track songs on METRO FM’s mobisite is one of the issues being attended to. Once this issue is resolved, you’ll be able to go to metrofm.co.za on your phone to see the previously-played, current and next songs
  5. A NOTE ABOUT RDS (Song info displayed on your car radio)
    METRO FM uses RDS (that’s the info that comes up on your car radio that tells you what station you’re on) to display the artist & track title of the song playing
  6. METRO FM top 40 chart is available here: http://localhost:8888/metrofm/category/music/
    If you’d like to submit your music to be considered for airplay, submit it to METRO FM via email on music@metrofm.co.za
    METRO does not offer downloads of any kind.

YOU CAN GO TO WWW.METROFM.CO.ZA and get all the information about the DJ on air and the music playing



The METRO FM Top30 is presented by Kyeezi on Saturdays 09:00am – 12:00pm. The latest available Top40 chart can be found on the website under the music tab.



General competition rules: The General Competition Rules are found under Competitions.

If you’ve won a competition, please allow 6-8 weeks for the delivery of your prize.

You can direct all competition enquiries to promotions@metrofm.co.za



METRO FM does not sponsor events. We act as a media partner and promote them.

Click here to view the METRO FM Rate card



This is facilitated by SABC HR department



For on-air positions, send your CV and DEMO to METRO FM Business Manager, info@metrofm.co.za



The SABC and its services are signatories to various Codes of Conduct related to its broadcasts.  If you have a complaint, you can direct it to any of the following bodies:

1.  Details on lodging a complaint about programming content that you believe does not comply with the provisions of the Code of Conduct of the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa can be found at www.bccsa.co.za

2.  Details on lodging a complaint about advertising that you believe does not comply with the provisions of the Code of Conduct of the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa can be found at www.asasa.org.za

3.  Details on lodging a complaint about advertising that you believe does not comply with the provisions of the Code of Conduct of the Wireless Application Service Providers Association of South Africa can be found at www.waspa.co.za

You can send complaints on other SABC matters to:

The Manager
Broadcast Compliance
Private Bag X1
Auckland Park
e-mail hassenf@sabc.co.za
Tel 011 714 3728
Fax 011 714 4508