As if he was born to spin the vinyls and entertain the masses with his particular brand of house music.

Shows: Audiogasm

Lulo Cafe’s journey into the world of music as, currently, one of South Africa’s most highly-regarded D.J’s has its beginnings in 2003, when he accepted the challenge to learn how to mix for a live set on a Bloemfontein radio station, albeit, in only two weeks. This crucial event not only resulted in the birth of a D.J who is intent on telling a story behind the decks but one who resonates deeply with his audience at each occasion.

Throughout his journey as a D.J, Lulo Cafe has positioned himself as an aficionado of quality, cutting edge House music and as a selector of note with his sets varying from downtempo lounge, deep soulful grooves and funky selections. This esteemed D.J showcases his passion in most regions of the country and has had opportunities to exhibit his skills in Botswana, Namibia and Lesotho.
Lulo Cafe’s talents are not only restricted to rocking the hottest dance floors – this D.J can be heard every Friday night from 19:30 to 22:00 on national radio as one half of Metro FM’s Audiogasm; a notable and interactive House and Hip Hop show co-hosted by the Naked D.J. Lulo Cafe further maintains constant interaction with his supporters through social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, with over 75 000 followers and over 32 000 fans, respectively, while issuing a weekly gig guide and wallpapers for download. He is also well-established as a brand ambassador for Citroën and Head Honcho – a popular, South African, urban Hip Hop clothing label.

Through a unique branding strategy, innovative positioning as a D.J and industry-shaker, it is not hard to see why Lulo Cafe is one of the most promising new musical talents in South Africa. He has won the prestigious Metro FM award for Best Compilation and has been nominated in the SAMA 18 Record of the Year category. He has released two albums, namely, Deep House Chronicles 2 and What About Soul? under Soul Candi. Lulo Cafe also features in Soul Candi’s renowned 10th Year Anniversary album as one of the D.J’s to keep pace with in the future and is currently in studio producing a third offering which will undoubtedly continue the tradition of success and quality.


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