Music Playlist Policy


Music playlist policy 2013/14

1.METRO FM Positioning

METRO FM is a mentor and guide for youthful urban adults that embrace a pragmatic and successful life to actively transform with their constantly changing environment.  Through its crafted fusion of music entertainment and information, METRO FM is best suited to empower and positively influence listeners and the music industry at large to reach new heights. As the iconic leader in its market, broadcasting in English, METRO FM is in the position to deliver both a global and national perspective that instils confidence and inspires its audiences. Its national footprint and progressive audience profile offers an effective platform for advertisers.

Broad Age           16-34     LSM 6+

Core                      25-34     LSM 6+

Bulls’ eye                             30



  • The music department no longer accepts physical music submissions send your music to
  •  All submissions are registered and details of persons submitting are recorded
  • All tracks are listened to within the Playlist Meeting
  • The tracks are defined with regards to; Accepted/Shelved/Held over

3.Playlist Committee

Based on a number of songs submitted within a particular week, a committee is invited to attend a playlist meeting.

The committee consist of the following representatives:

  • Station/Programme Manager (if and when possible)
  •  Traffic Controller
  • Programme Compiler
  •  Music Compiler
  •  Music Assistant
  • 2 On-Air Presenters
  • 2 members of staff (if and when possible)

Minutes for playlist meetings will be documented for record keeping and audit purposes.

The Music Compiler retains overall editorial responsibility and will produce a monthly report on key decisions made. The report will include information from ICASA local percentages to category movement and new additions to the playlist which will happen on a weekly basis.

The key focus in selection of music is to maintain and attract listenership whilst delivering on a financially viable audience which will benefit the Station and the SABC in it’s entirety.  It is imperative that the committee consider that the core of the METRO FM listeners want music that is familiar to them.
4.Playlist Criteria 

  • The song fits within the station format (set in the music policy guidelines)
  • The level of production is equivalent to that of international standard (should the track be local)
  • The track is a radio edit e.g. song duration
  • There are no explicit lyrics
  • The tracks have an excessive amount of strong language
  • The tracks are female friendly (as mer the music policy guidelines)
  • The tracks are of a duration of not more than 4 min in order to make it radio friendly
  • No instrumental tracks will be accepted due to the Stations set mandate