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The singer, presenter, mother and all-round modern African woman joined Glen Lewis in presenting METRO FM’s breakfast show, in the process creating one of the most formidable duo-presenter teams ever heard on South African radio.

“Never in my wildest dreams growing up did I think that I could make it onto METRO FM, but here it is and I am ready to embrace the challenge,” says Unathi.

First and foremost, says Unathi, she has turned to her co-host for guidance. “Glen has been there for me from the beginning – he really played a role in nurturing me over the past years and so I was very grateful to be given a chance to work with him.”

Having been born in Grahamstown, brought up in Namibia and spent many years in London, Unathi has a wide-range and open-minded approach to everything from music to the pressing issues of the day that make for engaging and compelling radio.

A Rhodes University Journalism and Drama graduate, Unathi moved to Johannesburg in 2001 becoming a presenter for Castle Loud and then moved onto the YFM platform.

Unathi left the youth radio station that provided her with the skills and confidence to tackle a primetime show on a national radio station. “One thing that YFM really taught me was respect for the very basics of radio – they were always relevant and I took that with me in my role at METRO FM.”

As her fans have come to expect from her, Unathi is intent on “being myself and speaking my mind honestly” on the show. “I believe that if you are real and sincere you can reach out and touch the listeners and they will not want to stop listening to your show.”

Celebrating South Africa’s different languages and cultures is also high on the agenda of this celebrated woman. “But I think that Glen really leads the way when it comes to the initial direction of the show. For me, radio is magical. It’s instant and immediate and it’s the true “reality show’ because of this. To have longevity like Glen’s means really delivering in this environment and it really is a privilege to be part of his show.”

Apart from her radio career, Unathi is an award-winning artist. Her sophomore album, In Honour, has earned her Best Female Artist for the 2008 METRO FM Music Awards. This album will be launched at the Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City on March 25.

She currently co-host the breakfast show with Glen Lewis from 06:00 – 09:00am



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