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Rams is one of the most versatile media people having made an impact in print, TV and radio.

Rams is a quintessential media man. He brings the unique experience of having worked on all media platforms – radio, television, print and online – over the past 25 years. Very quirky, witty and sometimes humourous, he engages listeners and guests at any level with amazing ease.

Rams brings a combination of being a journalist and an entrepreneur in his own right. This combination works perfectly for Talk With Rams in the sense that all the topics that Rams handles are issues he interacts on in his everyday life, but also because of his journalistic background, he brings the required skills to bring out the best out of guests and listeners.

Other than media work, Rams plays golf (9 handicap), coaches SMMEs on sales and is a reputed speaker on Reputation. He is also seasoned MC and facilitator.

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